THE GREATER GOOD Introduces...

"The Holistic Referral Company Consumers Can TRUST To Source Integral Best Holistic Business Practices"

Mississauga, ON - June 13, 2011 - Global market trends show that consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of Natural Health Care.  The Greater Good Seal of Integrity is the Symbol of Authenticity referring only approved businesses that offer Best Holistic Business Practices.  The Greater Good is dedicated to building the largest recognized Holistic Wellness Community & Resource Centre that offers mainstream consumers the unique vehicle to source legitimate and ethical holistic practitioners, products and services.

The Greater Good opened its doors in January, 2008 as a Holistic Marketing Consulting Company and has since developed the Greater Good Seal of Integrity Program in April, 2011. The Greater Good name speaks for itself in that "where the power of one becomes the power of many!" Its foundation is built on an exclusive team of professional, positive and enlightened individuals that have a strong sense of purpose - each contributing to their higher purpose, humanity and a global vision.

The market for motivational "self-improvement" (SI) products, programs and services that improve ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing is on the increase. Smart business owners are very aware of this and it may seem as though many are starting to jump on the proverbial "wellness wagon" these days, thereby, creating a substantial increase in the amount of holistic businesses that are starting to emerge. As a result, this has left the average consumer at odds on how to first, source and research a particular healing modality and second, find an ethical and professional practitioner that backs up its claims amongst the thousands now available!

In fact, even with all the internet availability, some consumers confess to having become more inundated and overwhelmed with the means to sourcing a professional, legitimate holistic health care practitioner or supplier and for the most part, will take their chances on making a random decision. Others ultimately become more price or location driven versus being "quality" driven and as a result, many of these consumers have also fallen victim to misleading claims made by unqualified holistic businesses. As a result, some consumers have become greatly disappointed because of having wasted their time, energy and their hard-earned money on these inexperienced or unprofessional business owners claiming to be authentic.

Many unsuspecting consumers are then left with a very bad taste in their mouth and this will not only discourage them from considering natural alternatives in the future but also impact the businesses of many of the already qualified, authentic holistic businesses that lose countless clients and revenue each year due to the bad publicity that one unsatisfied customer generates.

The Greater Good Seal of Integrity is a recognized symbol that consumers can trust ensuring e them that all referred businesses have undergone a detailed mandatory screening process ensuring best business practices and legitimate certifications before obtaining a referral status through The Greater Good.

*The Greater Good Seal of Integrity stands behind all of its exclusive members and is proud to inspire confidence to consumers by sanctioning a refund or credit for any services or products rendered unethical or unprofessional if the complaint is deemed warranted under the discretion of Greater Good Management. *Please Note: Certain restrictions may apply.

What does the Greater Good Seal of Integrity mean to consumers?

It is a symbol they can trust! That all referred business owners would have successfully passed a detailed screening process in order to qualify them as an approved and accredited holistic business operating as a trustworthy source who offer their clients only Professional, Authentic and Ethical business practices.

What does the Greater Good Seal of Integrity offer its Members?

They are part of the "Bigger Picture". An Exclusive Team of Positive, Enlightened, Professionals with a strong sense of purpose - each contributing to a higher purpose, humanity and a global vision.

They are recognized and supported by a reputable Holistic Governing Body that consumers have grown to trust!

They gain profitable consumer credibility by being part of this trustworthy and ethical organization.

They capitalize on all the business advantages to building strong business alliances with other holistic professionals through this harmonized collaboration of like-minded individuals.