Acts of Kindness

The Greater Good recognizes the genuine good in people and the unsung everyday heros.  These Earth Angels walk ever-so-lightly on our plant and give graciously of their time, energy and compassion to the needs of others expecting nothing in return.  We also recognize that there is a direct link to personal happiness by giving back and helping others less fortunate then ourselves.  So we dedicate this page to encouraging all "Acts of Kindness" by paying it forward by sharing your light with others!

If you would like to offer an Act of Kindness and receive 50% off a Reiki or Reflexology Session, please email your testimonial to: or call 416-457-3089 for details.  Thank you for your kindness. ~ Reiki Rita c/o The Greater Good.


As a first time grandmother, I have been helping my daughter on a daily basis while she struggles with sleep deprivation during the first three months. The more I do, the more I receive that warm feeling with knowing that my help is so much appreciated at a time when it is really needed. I am receiving back far more than I could ever imagine by helping my baby with her baby.

I also belong to a community choir which has grown over the past few years. Last night was our concert and we literally ran out of room on stage for all choir members to see the conductor and to be seen by the audience. Normally I like to be seen by my supporting guests who attend the concert but I helped out four different people who asked me to switch places with them in order for them to see the conductor and be seen by the audience. I ended up in the corner behind a number of choristers where I could see the conductor but not be seen very well by the audience. I figured that this was a test for me and a message about stepping away from my ego to help others. I felt pretty good about this, even though it was a small gesture. ~ Rebecca Amyotte

This year I bought a gift for the family that my son's daycare is sponsoring from Halton's Women's Place and I bought a pair of PJs for a lady from Children of Christmas Past tree at my daughter's school. ~ Christine Zipay